ODY's Original Drawings + Artforms offers many design solutions. I have a passion for the process, constantly striving to learn more and improve on past successes and failures. I look forward to new projects and the ability to utilize my formal education, work experience, entrepreneurship, and overall desire to create. Thank you for visiting my website, let me know if you have any questions!

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ODY on Whatnot

ODY_Doodles streams on Whatnot with a variety of ODY products and open commission slots that are drawn live during the show! Use my referral link for free Whatnot credits and stop by one of the ODY Livestreams!


    Custom 1 of 1 artwork; Multiple sizes available, endless possibilities.


    Quality logos, posters, banners, graphics, sticker designs, and more! Fast turnaround, quality work.

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    Sketches, renderings, photography and any other design services you may need! I strive to bring your vision to life.